Authored by: Dickson K. Chembe, Member, IAENG
Power loss reduction through load balancing serves as an effective and efficient way of reducing loss in power networks. Also, among all the methods identified in reducing power loss this can be considered as the cheapest since this method only requires proper planning and strategy.
Abstract - Power losses in power networks are one of the most important indicators of the economic operations of a power network company and also portray the condition of electric meter reading systems as well as effectiveness of the network.

This indicator is the witness of the many problems which are being faced in many countries and requires urgent attention. In many countries it has been observed that there is a very big increase in the actual and relative power losses and at the same time, there is also a reduction of power output in networks. With the world economic crisis at hand, the problem of power loss reduction in power networks has become even more imperative and requires urgent attention of power network companies.

Reduction of power losses is a complex problem which needs enough expenditure and qualified personnel. My research therefore aimed at picking the most economical method of reduction of power losses with a short cost recovery period.

After the analysis of planned methods in power loss reduction in Privolshki regional power distributor, it was found that phase load balancing method was given less attention. My main priority therefore was given to phase load balancing of distributive networks of 0.38 kV.

In order to reduce technical power losses by load balancing, some calculations to find the unbalances of loads were executed. Beside that, our method proved that balancing of loads in phases is still necessary especially to distributive power networks.

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